How we can help

Our Mission
To help busy, stressed practice managers run successful and profitable practices.

Why we understand
The Association is run by an executive comprised of practice managers who freely give up whatever spare time they can to support their colleagues.

We are passionate about what we do and the contribution that practice managers can and do make to their own practices.

We perfectly understand the nature of the job - the highlights and the lowlights - and because we do it everyday too, we provide the kind of support you really benefit from.




In a nutshell

  • We can help because we can pool the resources of over 700 practice managers to get you the answer you need
  • We can help because as practice managers too, we know what you need to know in order to be successful
  • We can help because we have no other reason to be here than to support your needs, and your personal and professional development
  • We can help by facilitating your networking opportunities, by communicating important and useful information to you, and by promoting events that attract industry-leading speakers

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