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Dental treatments

General dentistry

White fillings- are for restorations which are used to treat front or back teeth with. They come in a range of different shades to match your natural tooth and they are the most popular choice of filling material because of how natural they look.

Advantages of having white fillings- White fillings form a strong bond with your tooth structure keeping them together which helps in cases where the tooth is significantly broken down. They can therefore be used to prevent fracture of filled teeth.

Root canal treatment- This treatment is only necessary when the nerve or blood supply to the tooth is damaged by decay.
During the treatment the nerves are removed under anaesthetic .The tooth is cleaned and a type of filling is inserted into the patient’s canals. The tooth is then sealed on top.
Normally for this treatment will need 2 maybe 3 visits to the dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Whitening

The most common way to improve the overall colour and look of your teeth is through tooth whitening. Tooth whitening is very simple and has the potential to change your teeth for the better
There is a chance with tooth whitening that you can have up to 9 shades lighter depending on how dark your teeth are.

Dental implants
In the UK around 2 in 3 people have a missing tooth or several missing teeth this figure has seen people face depression and self-consciousness.
Around 400,000 have said that missing teeth have affected their lives in a negative way.
So nowadays dental implants are very common as they are the easiest way to get your smile looking amazing again.